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Reticle lenses

● MOQ: ≧ 50pcs for OEM. 5 to 20pcs also welcome for sample order.
● Price: Depend on the quantity , materials and specification requirements, etc.
● Tooling Cost:Tooling charge may be needed for new design.
● Lead Time: General 7-15 days for customized drawing. Negotiable for Large Qty.
● Packaging: Blister packaging or bubble wrap for optical components with Carton.
●Payment Term:Payment>500USD, 30% T/T in advance, 70% balance before shipment. Payment<=500USD, 100% in advance.


reticle, or reticule also known as a graticule, is a pattern of fine lines or markings built into the eyepiece of an optical device such as a telescopic sight, spotting scope, optical microscope or the screen of anosclloscope , to provide measurement referance  during visual inspections . Today, engraved lines or embedded fibers may be replaced by a digital image  superimposed on a screen or eyepiece. Both terms may be used to describe any set of patterns used for aiding visual measurements and calibrations, but in modern use reticle is most commonly used for sights , while graticule is more widely used for measuring instrument  such as oscilloscope display, astronomic telescopes, microscopes and slides,surveying instruments  and other similar devices.

The process capacity for the reticle lense

● Material:N-BK7, B270,BAK4 etc.

● Diameter:2.5-50mm

● Tolerance: +/-0.05mm

● Thickness: 0.4mm (min)

● Precious for line: 0.0001mm

● Width for line: 0.001mm-0.002mm

● Surface accuracy: λ/4 @632,8nm

● Centration : < 0.05mm

● S/D :60-40,40-20,20-10 

● reflective of Chromium coating:<5% 

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