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Powell prism

MOQ: ≧ 50pcs for OEM. 5 to 20pcs also welcome for sample order.
● Price: Depend on the quantity , materials and specification requirements, etc.
● Tooling Cost:Tooling charge may be needed for new design.
● Lead Time: General 7-15 days for customized drawing. Negotiable for Large Qty.
● Packaging: Blister packaging or bubble wrap for optical components with Carton.
●Payment Term:Payment>300USD, 30% T/T in advance, 70% balance before shipment. Payment<=300USD, 100% in advance.


Powell prism (also known as laser linear generator lens) is an optical crossing prism, which can be optimized for the input of laser beam with 0.8mm diameter. After passing the laser beam, it can be optimized into a straight line with uniform light density, good stability and good linearity.Unlike cylindrical lenses which produce central hot spots and discoloured edge gaussian beams, the central hot spots and discoloured edges of gaussian beams can be eliminated, forming a straight line with uniform energy distribution.All fan Angle from 1 ° to 120 °, standard specification has 5 °, 10 °, 20 °, 30 °, 40 °, 45 °, 50 °, 60 °, 70 °, 80 °, 90 °, 110 °, 120 °.


Gaussian laser beam by ordinary cylindrical lens, produces the uneven distribution of straight line, and Powell at the top of the prism is complex two-dimensional aspheric surface, through laser will produce a large number of spherical aberration, light path is redistributed, reduce the light of the central region, increase the edge of the light, to form a uniform line, suitable for all kinds of biological medicine, automobile assembly, food processing and machine vision applications.


Used for positioning, laser marking machine, processing marking, marking building objects, laser scanning system, measuring equipment.Used in various machine vision applications;From biomedicine to car assembly to chocolate chip cookie production;Mobile phone various online detection, aircraft military applications, ship factory.

Powell-lens specs (mini) lens

substrate material: ROHS conform, BK-7, K9 or other

Diameter = 6 +0/-0.05 mm or customized

Center thickness = 5.5 ... 6 mm

Coating: BBAR coating or customized

Input beam used wavelength = 440...470 nm

Input beam diameter = 0.6 ... 0.8 mm

Output beam resulting fan angle = 60°

Uniformity of line about 80%

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